this is the page where i'll tell you about me!

name: ran

gender: nonbinary female

birthday: winter 1998

hello there! thanks for taking the time to read about me! anyways, currently i'm between college and jobs due to covid, so i spend most of my time playing video games, reading manga, or watching anime! i'm a big one piece and code geass fan, i have a ton of code geass figures and now i'm trying to build my one piece collection! i'm also, of course, a huge pop'n music fan! i currently own a japanese ps2, some of the games, and a ps2 pop'n controller! i'm trying to get my hands on the rest of the games and a mini arcade style controller!

as far as more personal things about myself, i'm a nonbinary girl who goes by she/her pronouns. i was born in 1998, so i'm currently 22 years old. i'm 155 cm tall (oof), and i still hope i'll grow more some day... i'm an aspiring health care worker who was in the middle of med school when covid happened so that kind of messed everything up! ummm... yeah! that's it! thanks for visiting this page!

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